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Why Solar is a Smart Investment

Everyone knows that solar energy is good for the environment. However, with over 2 million homes installing solar panels on their roof in the United States, many homeowners are now discovering that solar is also a smart investment opportunity. In this article, we will outline a few of the concepts, legislation, and statistics that make solar panels a great financial opportunity.

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The Ten Best Ways to Reduce your Energy Bill in Florida

In the heat of summer, Florida energy bills tend to skyrocket thanks to a dramatic increase in the use of air conditioning. Conversely, electric heaters keeping a home’s interior warm or the pool at swimmable temperatures may keep bills high even in the winter months.

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How to Make Passive Income with Solar Energy

In the United States, solar energy is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. In fact, the adoption and installation of solar panels has become one of the most popular ways to utilize green energy to power homes and businesses.

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